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You are here! Great to see you!


You may ‘just’ be curious to check-out what ‘she’ is like! I believe us meeting like ‘this’ is happening for a reason! It is certainly a sign that you are looking to make some changes in your life!

You are dedicated, driven and loyal! Everything you do is done with high integrity. You are successful and yet something is missing!

 I am a coach who works with overachievers, managers, risk takers and freedom seekers who want to discover WHAT and HOW to change that.

 You feel drained and exhausted! At this point even coffee doesn’t kick you anymore. You feel empty. You have lost your beat! Where did it go?

 I help  people find their inner beat or self again, that gets them to stand up for their true self. Literally, have them fall in love with their lives again!

 You want to ‘come as you are’, re-define ‘perfect life’ and wake up in the morning feeling vibrant and ready to do what has heart and meaning!

I get my clients to own their new version of confidence and ‘perfect life’.  I have helped more than 100 people walk on their new path and find their new beat!

My name is Fabienne!

World traveller, former perfectionista and challenge seeker who always had an exact plan what was coming next. 

Until one day I found myself in the city I love (New York), working for the company of my dreams but missing that hunch or certain knowledge as to what I wanted next.

Next steps, ‘they’ said, were calling me to explore positions I wasn’t interested in. I was irritated. I felt stuck, slowly tiring out from delivering excellent results.
An unforeseen opportunity brought me back to Germany and into a role that was helping me grow and learn.

Until a few years later, these questions occupied my mind: “what is next? What value am I leaving behind other than delivering my KPI’s each year?”

Then I found the role that would give me all I wanted: Coaching (and being a mother)!

Every morning I wake up and am grateful for this life. For being able to work with amazing people like you as well as teams of various sizes reconnect them with their fabulousness. To help them grow beyond external and internal limits and live the life they truly want. 

The ball was rolling, and there was no stopping. Consequently, I left the comfort blanket of my Corporate Job and handed in my notice. 

Now I am not only watching my daughter grow, learn find her way in life. I am also learning and growing as an entrepreneur – and I love it!

I may not know you in person yet! But your reading this far tells me that you too are looking to find that thing that gives you that extra drive and energy.

I know, you want it all, and I believe you can have it!

As U.S. rock musician Dave Grohl puts it:

No one is you – and that is your power!

I believe that:

 Finding what you truly love and care about doesn’t always mean leaving your current job and moving to the end of the world!

 It is about defining and creating your NEW version of your fabulous life and success!

 Life is too short to worry about what other people think!

 You are already fabulous!


Ready to fall in love with your life again?

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