‘Bring my Beat back’ – 3 month coaching package

Fed up with mediocre? Feeling stuck in a rut? Then this is your must read!

You are close to losing your ‘sanity’. You thought you had worked it all out: Career, Relationship, Life?

But it turns out that nothing from that plan feels right anymore?

You realise that:

 life is not about yearning for the next vacation on your first day back at work

 the perfect job comes at a high price

 you are losing touch with who you really are inside

If you found yourself saying yes, or even nodding to any of these statements above then read on.

I know how you feel!

I know what is like to feel stuck – like life is washing all over you.

You yearn to know what you really want.
You want to wake up in the morning feeling: this will be a good day – every day!

I believe it is your right to wake up to that feeling every day!

During the 3 months, we will be working 1-2-1 on getting you to:

 Start living your life again instead of being overrun by it!

 Take serious action toward that true and authentic YOU (instead of just talking about it)

 Become crystal clear on what the next step in your career has to be

 Feel more confident to put yourself out there in a bigger way

 Laugh, sing, dance and embrace life again!

And this is how we roll:

Before our first session, you complete an intake questionnaire that gives us a snapshot of where you are.

We kick off our time together with a 2-hour-session, to get crystal clear on:

 what each of us needs to really rock our time together

 your goals 

 how we are going to do this (assignments, communication etc)

The Sessions

Every second week we get together for about 50 minutes via Skype/ Face-time (or in person, if you live in the Frankfurt/ Mainz area).

My job is to hold your big goals and keep an eye on the direction in which we are headed.

Your job is to do the ground work, take the action that you feel you want to, reflect and be your true self.

Questions we look at range from ‘What is important about that goal?’ to ‘What continuously get in the was and keeps you from living your full authentic true life?’

Be assured, there is no WOO-WOO going on – because that is not my style. But awareness is key and I do believe that our body intelligence is an amazing contributor when it comes to living a life on purpose.

In between sessions…

You will be doing the real work.

You will be given tasks and assignments, questions to reflect on. You know that some habits are hard to break!

And if you choose not to do them? Then we will have a look behind the scenes what else might be going on. 😉

This is what clients say about working with me:

“Your coaching is filled with calmness and you give me the space that I need to use it for what is showing up there and then.”

“Our sessions are like little short trips to my inner self – using different modes of transportation.”

“At the beginning I always thought I had to really prepare myself, only to realise that you intuitively continue where I actually need it the most – while constantly keeping a focus on my big goals.”

“Your approach is holistic. You pick up every little detail and make me feel seen and heard.”

“The assignments between sessions kept me on the topic which really helped me take action and evoke the necessary change.”

This is for you if you are ready to:

 Walk straight and smile and win people over with ease!

 Feel confident and know you can get anything you want

 get the job you really want!

 enjoy that sabbatical of your dreams

 start your dream business

 claim your life back

Your time is NOW: Stop playing small, release your full potential and change the world by bringing in your authentic beat!


Your investment:

1.250EUR if you pay upfront. (VAT may apply)

Alternatively you can pay two installments of 650EUR at the beginning and towards the middle of our time together.


This is how you claim your spot:

I truly believe that a successful coaching partnership is all about connection!

That is why it is important for me to have a ‘tune-in’ session before time and money is invested in reaching your goals!

You can ask questions you may still have about me or how I work – and get a teaser of what working with me looks like.

I want to tune in!

And if you have a tune inside saying: Well, this is quite an investment! Instead I could be buying _________ (new shoes, a new suit, a holiday) then yes, I hear you.

It is an investment in YOU!

An investment if you are committed and eager to get to a next level in life! It is about investing in your courage, trust, success and essence.

tune me in now!