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And running a team can be challenging!

The claim ‘There is no ‘I’ in team’ is very often wishful thinking.


Let’s face it: Running a team is about bringing all the ‘I’s together and making them one engaged, committed and focused group.

You manage personalities, needs and expectations sometimes more than your own business or assignments.

You end up being exhausted and frustrated.
You might even be ready to give it up completely.

Let me tell you: It doesn’t have to be that way! 

As a Team Coach I connect teams of two and more (and there really is no limit) with their essential power and strength that enables them to deliver results – in a conscious and empowered way.

During more than 13 years as a member of or leader of teams I was always intrigued by what makes or breaks a team’s performance.

So I turned what ‘intrigued’ me into my passion! 

I completed one of the world’s best trainings courses on and blend these powerful tools with my own experience. This equips me to help teams go from stuck/ unproductive/ toxic to thriving, productive & collaborating.

We spend so much time at work every day, week and year! Wouldn’t it be great if the team we belong to genuinely holds each member in a way that you look forward to being with them every day?

No matter whether you are a team starting-up or within a big cooperation; together we will go through those steps:

 Team Assessment

  • We will get to know each other, identify who is part of the coaching, what strengths and challenges are and set the framework for our work together

 Team Coaching

  • During interactive and engaging workshops, the team agrees on goals and key mile stones. Depending on the overall goal, the number of workshop can vary between 1 to 4. 

 Post workshop check-in

  • A few weeks after the workshop, a brief survey conducted amongst the participants provides a snapshot on how the team was impacted by the workshops. I strongly recommend having a follow up meeting with the team a few weeks after the survey to assess what of the envisioned changes are established and where adjustments need to be made. 

Taking your team thorough this coaching process will result in: 

  • An increase in your ‘bottom line’ productivity and effectiveness
  • Improved communication amongst all stakeholders
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence of team members
  • Increased resilience to stress, for individuals and the team as a unit

Are you ready to take action to take your team to the next level of productivity?

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Not sure, your team needs coaching?

Look at these statements to make your assessment:

  • Staff members are showing toxic team behaviours such as ‘stone walling’ or blaming
  • Team members are continuously not delivering promised results
  • There is lack of communication between team members
  • Team’s performance impacts other parts of the organisation
  • Customers are unhappy about your service


Feel like this is going into the direction you need but still have questions?


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