There is nothing better than live events – don’t you think?


Meeting new people. Connecting on a different level.
Being inspired and energised. That happens when like-minded freedom seekers meet.

Your personal growth and learning triggered by highly effective and inspiring exercises.
Going home with a sense of new direction within yourself and a plan what steps to take next.

You are literally on fire!

That is why I love live workshops!

Virtual is great, but there is something special about 3-D.

In 2014 I started the Quick & Dirty Workshop series, locally here in Mainz. 
The energy was contagious. Participants loved it. Now I am taking them to places!


I am so glad to have found my way to your workshops! The evening was inspiring, very personal, sincere and through and through positive.

The handout with the corresponding design, the way you used visualisations and the agreements set out between all participants in the beginning all left me with a very professional impression – which I am used to in my business seminars.

At all times, you made me feel at the centre of it all. You showed your appreciation, and valued respect in a very open way. Thank you so much for this.

 Susann, 42 Mainz



Do you know what the biggest problem with workshops is?
You spend your time and money, go home all enthusiastic and vibrant and then, two weeks later you are back where you were before you attended!

For one, our ‘system’ hates change. So it is normal that you fall back into old habits after a while.

And while we can’t change that fact, we have a clear solution: 

We invite you to set clear and specific goals for your journey after the course.

Either you find someone in the group who will be your accountability buddy, or you ask a friend to jump in and hold you to the goals you set.
Our golden rule is ‘You are the boss’, so if you decide not to follow those structures, then we respect that.


The Quick & Dirty Workshop Experience:

A unique location will quickly get your mind off the busy day you may have just had. Giving you enough time to arrive and unwind from the kicks of the day will enable you to really be present when the workshop starts!
We will have fun getting to know each other. Mindfulness exercises, along with engaging interaction and a clear focus on your goals are the key pillars of the Quick & Dirty Experience. We will laugh, reflect and at all times keep an eye on your goals!
You go home and a few days later, I will check in with you to see how you are and how the workshop impacted you. In addition you will get access to the private Facebook Group, which I will moderate. This group can be your sounding board or simply a place where you find encouragement – just in case!



Simply amazing how you managed to move so much in a person in such a short amount of time. The way you motivate change by always keeping an eye on the positive aspects in us, which helps to re-discover them myself! Thank you!

Melanie, Wiesbaden




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