You have had it up to here!

Day in day out you drag yourself to work.

The job is sucking all your energy – but hey, it keeps you safe and sound.

Long gone is the dream of doing something you truly care about.

There is simply no time.

Your self-esteem – it surely has seen better days.

In your mind, there are a lot of ‘only if…’ sentences coming up!

Find yourself nodding as you read this?

Then you are at the right place!

Let me show you how you go from energy drained to ready to climb Mount Everest!

I know how you feel and I know that it doesn’t have to bee this way.

I am dedicating my life to working with smart individuals like you, who are hungry for life again. Who want to reframe the ‘ideal’ career and way life has to be to your own true story.

And I know you don’t have a lot of time. And you don’t want to invest huge sums of cash on coaching. Maybe you are even a little skeptical if anyone really can help you.

Still nodding? Then read on!


Fabulouslyou is an 8 week Group Coaching Masterclass for conscious life changers.

At the end of the programme you will:

Wake up every morning knowing you are starting a day with full intention

Feel energised all day long

Know what you really want in your life and how to take action

Own new beliefs that really support you – especially when taking big decisions

Have build amazing connections with likeminded freedom seekers who are there to support each other


How it works:

Each Monday, you get a video, introducing the focus topic of the week.

During that video, you get your assignment for that week.

At the end of each week, there is a 90 minute group call, where we discuss your results, reframe and call you forth if need be.

The secret FB group is there to support you in between.

In addition you will have access to useful meditations and mindfulness exercises.

In addition, you get 4 15 minute laser coaching calls with moi


Sound good?

I bet you are eager to hear how much it is!

This transformational programme is only 650 USD!

And it is an exclusive programme, as I only take 10 participants at a time.

I know – you don’t know me or how I work.

So check-out what a client of mine had to say:


I have been working with Fabienne for a few years, and yes, like many it was difficult for me to admit that a professional man need help with his emotions.  First is was to overcome my internal fears, fears that I was not good enough, a fear that I was not achieving what I thought was important – reconciling the external opinion with my own.  Fabienne made it easy to talk things through, she listens carefully and challenges, initially cautiously then pushed me to take action. Sure, I am still concerned but I am more relaxed; she helped me accept that I am who I am and should be happy about it!

Recently, my family has split. Fabienne, in her friendly and caring manner, has and is helping me come to terms with the new reality.  She always has time. Sometimes gentle sometimes demanding, she is always understanding. Her support has been a foundation for me and I would recommend anyone in a similar, pivotal live moment to work with her.

If you, like me, realize that there is more to discover about yourself, but find it difficult to admit it (men don’t have problems…right?) then Fabienne is a fantastic coach and friend to help.

Jeremy, Frankfurt



This is your course if you:

Want to make significant changes in your life without spending an arm or a leg

Are committed to take action toward the life you truly want

Like a ‘self-study’ approach to upping your game

Are open to feedback

Are ready to leave your comfort zone

Don’t buy this, unless you are 100% ready to up your game and move towards a freer life!


Did you just find yourself saying yes, nodding or even shouting ‘hell yeah’ inside!

Then let me tell you: this is the ideal course for you!

My guarantee to you:

If after 2 weeks of having done all tasks and assignments, participated in calls and engaged in the FB group you realise: This is not working for me!

Then you get a 100% refund!

The next ‘Fabulouslyou Masterclass’ will start in October. If you want to be in the front row when enrolment opens, then simply sign up below!

Are you ready to claim back your fabulous life?

I want first row access!