Are you looking to get away the hustle and ‘busy’ of your day?

Or are you on the look-out for a solution that reduces your ‘busy’ significantly so that you can enjoy more quality time with your friends and family?
Then you have certainly come to the right place. Glad you are stopping by.
While this is not another “quick-fix” blog telling you how to boost your productivity or how to manage your time better, I can assure you that you are in for a solution that gets to the root of your problem!
Along with simple steps how to pull the problem out, without having to change habits that will make you a whole new person.

This can transform your relationship with ‘hustle’ and ‘busy’!

Are you ready to dive in?
Why are you so busy? Really let this question sink in.
And if anger or frustration starts creeping in, because your mind is screaming: “Really, what a stupid question is this? She should know that I have bills to pay, mouths to feed and never enough hours in the day to fit this all in!”
I invite you to just stay with these or any emotions that come up. (Breathe into them, if you think they get too much hold of you.)
If your life is somewhat like mine, you have bills to pay, dreams to fulfill and kids whose dreams seem to get bigger every day.
You are constantly in a state of hustle.
You wake up in the morning and your ‘to-do-list’ shows up like a billboard, making you want to pull the cover over your head and hide.
You try to get some emails done between making breakfast and taking the kids to school.

The heat is on. Time is limited! Time is money!

At the office, you grab a cup of coffee and vanish behind your computer.

Your neck feels stiff. Your head is in a haze. Yet you ignore this – because that assignment needs to get done! On top, you even manage to take on tasks from your colleague, because you struggle to say “no”!

Then you leave the office, pick up the kids, run a few errands.

And as much as you try to ‘be with them’ – your mind keeps wandering off to that good old ‘to-do-list’ that just doesn’t seem to get any shorter.

Once the kids are in bed, you find your way back to your laptop to ‘just do a few emails’.

Come midnight, you barely make it to your bed with your eyes open.

Is this what you imagined your life to look like?

A life where ‘fancy’ only happens on television?
A life where your dreams will be lived when you retire. Only 30 more years to go if you are lucky!

That was my reality for quite a stretch of my life.

Being busy to make money and to prove that I have the stamina and am resilient enough to get through anything and make it anywhere.

My goal was always to work effectively and smart. However, when I realized the current project might get finished ahead of time, I would find ways to sabotage my work or find other ‘meaningful’ stuff to fill my time. Because after all ‘the hustle’ from 9 am to 5 pm counts, right? And how would the boss react if you put your head through the door at 11 am and said: “I am done for the day. See you tomorrow!”

Everything in life has a ‘gift’ and a ‘cost’

Consequently ‘hustle’ and ‘busy’ come with a cost!
What are you trading your valuable time for? What are you missing out on?
The cost for me was my health. I showed first signs of burnout, dizziness, fatigue and insomnia.
My increased un-productivity, lead to an increased energy I needed to get things done in order to achieve my goals.
Changing jobs was a relief at first. However, a few years later I found myself in the same rut.

Once a hustler, always a hustler, right?

What about you?
What is the ‘hustle’ and the need to pay the bills?
Because I know that you are a smart human being! You are good at what you do. And you have had your share of success.

So why are you still putting up with all this hustle?

What has you wasting time to comply with shuffling papers between 9 am and 5 pm?
If I put 100 million in a currency of your choice in your account tomorrow, would you still be doing what you are doing?
Would you still invest eight hours per day to getting things done?
My guess is: NO!

…and we are getting to the point of total self-honesty!

Unless you are hustling, because deep inside you there is a void. A gap you are trying to close. A firm belief that the more you hustle, the more you prove your worth.

I know, this might be confrontational. And who am I, right? As someone who has lived like this for many many years, I know the pain of being trapped.
Because I also carried that deeply rooted belief that ‘things have to be hard’. Success doesn’t come easy.
That conviction that I am a fraud if I don’t work hard all day.

Sounds familiar?

“You can hustle all you want! If you don’t see your worth and value, you won’t find it in ‘hustle’!” 

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I want to make an important distinction here:
There is a difference between hustling because you are following your purpose;
the hustle to fill that void or nurture the belief that the game you are in is the only game to play!
When I left the corporate world to follow my purpose and calling by helping people free their headspace with negative self-talk to go after their real dreams, I was still trapped in the habits of ‘hustle’. Nothing unusual, given I spent more than 14 years in that ‘land’.

Reprogramming these beliefs take time and some habits are hard to break!

Accepting that spending a day brainstorming ideas and journaling is work even though it is easy, is a learning. Working with amazing heroes and sheroes without having jumped through hoops of fire to get them, is ok.

Every time the voices or saboteurs in my mind soften. They learn that it is possible to do good work without the hustle. That I am enough!

You are enough!

All you need to do is own that space, acknowledge the force behind your hustle and eliminate it. Let me know if you get stuck – this is what I have specialized in.

Today, I make a living with a reduced time invest compared to when I was working full time.


I apply the 80-20 rule:
Doing the 20% what will get me 80% of my results!

These simple questions help me stay on track when it comes to my life and business goals:

  • What do I need to do today, to get closer to my goals and dreams?
  • What is a “must” to get done and what a nice to do?

When I notice that I am allowing bright shiny objects or time suckers into my day, then I do a quick check-in:

  • What am I trying to avoid?

Over to you!

I would love to hear from you in the comments below:

What keeps you busy and what is one thing you will do today to free up quality time for yourself?
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