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Do you know this feeling when the alarm goes off  and instantly you feel drained and loathe work?

You sit in meetings thinking “What am I doing here?”

It’s not that you dislike your job. You are actually quite proud of yourself and where you are now.

Yet something inside you knows: this has to stop!

Imagining yourself still trapped in this space 10 years from now sends shivers down your spine!

There has to be more to you and your life than this!

This is where I come in!

But before we get to the how, I would like to set a few things straight:

There is nothing wrong with you!

Maybe you have sought the advice of friends and family – with little result.
Your bookshelf may be showing that you tried to find your answers on endless pages.

And possibly, you have already worked with a coach which was a ‘so-so’ experience.

I understand that you may be hesitant and cautious, because one thing you don’t need right now is someone promising you the masterplan, when in the end all you get is: little pieces.


Are you ready?

I am not just ‘a coach’ – I am a confidence and clarity coach. Together we will boost your confidence to have trust to make the changes that you really want to see in your life. We will find your ‘beat’ with a lot of clarity.

I am not just here for you during our sessions – I stay connected with you in between as well. Via email and energetically, because I hold our relationship beyond the sessions in support of your development.

I don’t say what you want to hear – I say what I see you need to hear to grow into the person you so want to become. And that may sometimes be the truth you have been hiding from. But I do it with a lot of love and care! I will even tell you when I think we are done, and not keep clocking up hours for the sake of the $$$.

I have been working in this field for more than 5 years and have helped more than 100 people grow their confidence, reach their goals and move to living a rocking life!

This is 100% about you! Your happiness and success is my success!

Are you ready?

Let’s talk.




How we can work together:




‘Bring my beat back’ – Coaching package

You are ready to ‘Come as you are’ and to throw out what what is not serving you!(that job that sucks the life from you, relationships that drain you to the bone, your crammed schedule that is holding you ransom)

You are done feeling stressed, overbooked and overworked.
You yearn to rock your life and world again! And you want to feel confident and like a rock-star while creating it.

Together we get rid of your old playlist aka stuff that isn’t serving you anymore. That you are fed up and done with. And make over your life, tune into what you really want!

Discover, if my ‘Bring my beat back’ package is what you need to get there!

take me there!


‘Beat it’ – Focus Package

There is this ONE thing that you want to change – once and for all! Like yesterday!

You have enough of it popping up over and over again!
And you want to cut the chase. And get it out of your system.

Then ‘Beat it’ is your package!

Four sessions (which you can book back to back) to get you what you want to be.

To the point, no detour granted!

Ready when you are! Click right here for more info!



Fabulouslyou – Group Coaching programme for conscious freedom seekers

Do you sense that if your life went on like it does now, you might be hearing yourself sing ‘If I could turn back the hands of time’ like R. Kelly did?

And that really isn’t an option?

Then you have taken a first big step – realise what it is that you don’t want!

Now how about translating that into what it is that you truly want?

For you life? Your relationships? Your career?

This is what this programme is all about!

In the course of 8 weeks, you will answer profound and important questions and take action to move towards your conscious choices!